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Tearaway the Definitive Psvita title Featured

  • Written by  Nicole January
  • Published in Gaming News

If you are looking for a definitve title for the psvita look no further,

 Tearaway is set in a land made entirely out of paper. The land is very well done; it’s beautiful, colourful and extremely imaginative. The artistry in this game is truly amazing; from the simple ripples in the water to the crazy characters you meet along the way. It’s given us an interesting perspective at the power of paper.

The main characters are “the You” – which is you – and Atoi or Iota, depending on whether you’d like the messenger to be girl or boy. The You is the sun, similar to the creepy baby-sun-God in Teletubbies. You basically assist Atoi/Iota in delivering the message to yourself.

 It uses the typical 3D platform controls to navigate the world, coupled with the touch controls - which is probably the most fun in this game.  At times you are able to poke at the “nasty things”, called Scraps, to get rid of them using the rear touch pad. There are many other ways to destroy them as you go through the game and the features just keep getting better as you go along.

One of these cool features is that you are able to photos in the game, your messenger is given a camera and with it you are able to take snap shots of your surroundings and selfies. Most of the photos are relevant to gameplay but if you just feel like taking a photo of your amazingly customised character you have the freedom to do so.

The customisations are a lot of fun as well. You can create your own designs and decorate your character with them. You will even have to use some of your artistic talent to help some of the creatures you meet along the way, like helping the Squirrel king with his crown or a pumpkin with a scary face.

Tearaway is definitely original. Not just the interesting take on gameplay but the storyline as well. At the start of the game the narrators talk about story-telling and how some stories are over-used and how we can tell better ones. Tearaway is one of those better stories, with twists to the plot and a very interesting way to play it. This game manages to maintain a sense of intimacy and keep it personal to a degree. It isn’t always peace and serenity as you travel through the lands. There are situations that get your heart racing, like when you are trying to escape from the giant rock-throwing monsters. It keeps you interested right through to the end.

Playing tearaway was definitely a delightful experience. This game has made use of almost all the features available on the vita, enabling you to directly interact with the world; whether it be opening presents or beating on drums. In terms of gameplay, it’s definitely worth your time. It’s a refreshing new take on an “alternate universe”, seeing that aliens are overdone. Besides, if you are something of a completion, you definitely won’t mind having to go back to the beginning and get the items you may have missed along the way. 

Last modified onMonday, 10 February 2014 12:23
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